Serra’s Emissary (Showcase) | Modern Horizons 2 (MH2) #333 – Non-Foil



Serra’s Emissary

MH2, Modern Horizons 2 Nonfoil.

Creature — Angel.

As Serra’s Emissary enters the battlefield, choose a card type.
You and creatures you control have protection from the chosen card type.

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Card Info

Card Name: Serra’s Emissary {4}{W}{W}{W}

Card Type: Creature — Angel

Card Text: Flying
As Serra’s Emissary enters the battlefield, choose a card type.
You and creatures you control have protection from the chosen card type.

Colour: White.

Set Code: MH2.

Set Name: Modern Horizons 2.

Illustrated By: Nils Hamm.

Number: 333.

Rarity: Mythic.

Card Finish: Nonfoil.

Language: English.


The card type choice is a replacement effect, not a triggered ability. It doesn’t use the stack and can’t be responded to. Notably, if you choose instant, your opponent can’t try to cast an instant on the Emissary before it has protection.
You may choose any card type. The ones that may appear in a normal game of Magic are artifact, creature, enchantment, instant, land, planeswalker, sorcery, and tribal. Supertypes such as snow and basic may not be chosen. Subtypes such as Angel, Aura, and Forest also may not be chosen.


Commander – Legal | Duel – Legal | Gladiator – Legal | Historic – Legal | Historicbrawl – Legal | Legacy – Legal | Modern – Legal | Vintage – Legal |

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